Weebly still doesn't have the guestbook feature. Would be nice if they make one


07/21/2009 3:27pm

I love the Banana Bread and Choco Walnut overload brownies! They're the best!

07/21/2009 11:53pm


EJ Pioquinto
07/22/2009 4:54pm

The first time I tasted the yummy treats, I knew it was love at first bite! I luuuuuv the Amaretto Bar and it's pure heaven with a cup of brewed coffee. And my husband, a real-deal banana bread fan, says that From the Oven's Plain Banana Loaf now tops his list. My two girls, meanwhile, went crazy over the Choco-Walnut Banana Loaf.
Besides their yummy treats, we find From The Oven's pricing quite affordable.

Bernice Recto
07/23/2009 10:06am

It all looks so yummy!

08/11/2009 9:42am

i love the choco walnut brownies overload...perfectly made!yummy tlga...
and also the banana bread the best!

11/17/2009 9:53pm

The Banana Loaf is Great!!!

11/19/2009 8:19am

Thanks for the warm messages. :)
Thank you also for buying my products. :)

01/09/2010 12:58pm

Just wanted to say hello. You have a very nice website. Everything looks good, wish I could order but I think you know why I can't. Keep up the good work.

Satin Villanueva
01/30/2010 12:42pm


Do you make wedding cakes? mini fondant cakes for souvenirs? kindly send me your pricelist.. thanks!!!

Cherie V
02/02/2010 11:57pm

hoping to taste any of your cakes =) wedding is near!

02/06/2010 4:29pm

first thing i saw was this magnisifant website it is so cool and please comment on my website about how to get that cool logo on mine, cuz i wanna make a logo!!!!

02/06/2010 7:02pm

Hi, I always look at the featured websites on weebly as I have one of my own. (I am a bit nosey!! hehe) and I have to say I don´t make comments-normally.... but your website is absolutely lovely to wander through so I had to tell you. Your pics are gorg!! I would order loads but I am not local to you.... Well done. I have to go now as your lovely cakes have made me starving!!! Good luck for the future.
Sensei Saskia.xxx

02/06/2010 10:52pm

Good Morning!
I just wanted to compliment you on such a beautiful website. I just created mine through Weebly last week (still a work in progress), but have been inspired by yours. I need better quality photos of my work, and I'm working on that, but my boyfriend keeps eating the goods before we can take the pictures! Anyway, I wish you all the best in your business and with your site. Take care!

02/07/2010 1:02am

Looks so yummy. Wish I lived close by so I could order something.

02/07/2010 2:11am

Hey, um sorry this is rude but. Can you email me?
and publish my email? oh and thank you for this awsome site!

02/07/2010 4:35am

Why on earth did i just look at this when i'm starving? It all looks so yummy (apart from that banana stuff, yuck!)

02/07/2010 5:43am

Your website is nice! Your product look delicious and yummy! Good luck to your business =)

02/07/2010 6:10am

Awesome website. Did you seriously make this with Weebly. Your food looks delicious, I'm starting to drool on my keyboard. Ha. Promise me one thing: never shut down your business. I can't buy a cake right now but I may buy one in the future.
Please visit my website at http://www.pawsforpeople.weebly.com/. It's about animals. Wait! Not like a girly 'I love adorable puppies' website', I try to endorse my local animal shelters.
If you would like, visit my website on February 11th to buy Paws For People t-shirts.
Again love your website (just like everyone else I see). Good bye.

02/07/2010 8:28am

yummy, the cupcakes n cakes luks jst gr8 i have neva seen such beautiful cakes or cupcakes, simply awesome

02/07/2010 11:24am

Love the site! The food looks great!

02/07/2010 12:01pm

Love your name, food pics and website hope it is all going well and a big hello from Australia.

02/07/2010 1:22pm

Awesome website. The layout is very easy to read and your food looks amazing. Good luck with your business and wish you much success!

Josie Magsisi
03/04/2010 3:38pm

Hi Bianca! Your cake was great, grabe as in the celebrant and his visitors loved it. Ang sarap daw at ang sosyal. Will order again.

Kristine Tolentino
03/04/2010 3:44pm

Hi Bianca, masarap ang cake mo :) Dense and with plenty of nuts. The design was very cute. We fed it to the guests (120) and everyone was able to get a piece, nakapag-uwi pa yung iba. Overall, I liked doing business with you, you are very accommodating and gave good advise. I will definitely order again. Thanks Bianca and God bless.

Kyzia Mari Pamintuan
04/05/2010 5:31pm

how much ung range niyo ng mga Birthday Cakes?? at ung delivery charges??

04/06/2010 2:15pm

Thank you for the positive reviews. :) I'm glad that you liked the cakes and cupcakes. :)

@Ms. Pamintuan, Kindly check your email. I sent my answers to your queries via email. Thank you.

04/06/2010 5:26pm

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04/17/2010 12:27pm

do you have any other designs? im looking for a cute yet affordable birthday cake for my daughter's 1st birthday... can you send me more pictures in my email?

Thanks. looking forward.

04/28/2010 4:15pm


Just wondering if you have a mini ship mold for your chocolates. My event theme is sailing, thus the specific design requirement. Thanks.

05/12/2010 12:33am

Great job! Congratulations on being featured on the Weebly home page. I've got a cake-creating Christian missionary friend in Syracuse, NY that I want to get onto Weebly. You are an inspiration!

05/12/2010 12:41am

It looks all very nice. Especially the Babyface!

05/12/2010 5:00am

Are you on weebly pro? I am not. But, you site is awesome! And how did you get the annamation?! Please reply!

05/12/2010 5:07am

wow, everything looks delicious! You have a beautiful website.

05/12/2010 9:30am

I love the website, everything looks very delicious! Check out my site: http://zareasshop.weebly.com

katherine anne
05/20/2010 3:21pm

hi ms.bianca.. i wanna know how much would a cupcake cost similar to the one you have in your site... the one with flowers on top inside a gold box? or maybe you could think of something that would match garden theme wedding.. 50 pcs only.. a bit tight on d budget but still wants my guest to enjoy your goodies... thank you so much...

05/20/2010 10:57pm


I've heard great review about you cakes im hoping you can drop me an email of the clown cupcakes plus a circus/carnival
themed cake.

thanks hope to hear from you soon

05/23/2010 2:19pm

Hello Bianca,

This is Chuck. I have an ex-housemate by the name of Ron and he has put up a small resto about 6 months ago. His customers may have been looking for cakes so he is searching for a supplier of good and yummy slice cakes and maybe pastries that he can include in his food selections.

His resto is inside the condominium premises called California Garden Square, located along Libertad Street, Mandaluyong ( few blocks from MRT Shaw ). He has been asking my help in looking for someone who can provide quality and really good cakes that he can serve to his customers. Aside from a friend of mine that I recommended ( who has not responded yet ), you are the second option I found.

I am hoping you can contact him as soon as possible. I emailed his number to you through your Sulit account for his security and privacy. Just tell Ron that I found you online through Sulit.com. He is a nice guy, professional and smart.

Also, I hope you are able to build business relationship with him.

Thanks for your prompt response.

Chuck Gacuma
0927 974 2212

05/24/2010 9:29am

Good day Ms. Katherine Anne, Ms. Mery and Sir Chuck,

Thank you for visiting my website and for your interest in my products. I've already replied to your queries through email.

Best regards,

05/24/2010 9:29am

Good day Ms. Katherine Anne, Ms. Mery and Sir Chuck,

Thank you for visiting my website and for your interest in my products. I've already replied to your queries through email.

Best regards,

05/27/2010 9:03am

hi.. everything on your site looks good.. im interested in your cupcakes and molded chocolates.. what's your quotation for 100cupcakes with one large flower on top and 100molded chocolates.. it's for my upcoming wedding this coming june18.. and can your molded chocolates be colored green?.. for my motiff.. and will you do the arrangement of the cupcakes on the table?.. I also hope i could have some discounts.. tnx

05/28/2010 6:14pm

Hi Ms. Ren,

Thank ou for the compliment and for your interest in my products.

I already sent the answers to your queries through email.

Thanks and have a great day.

Best regards,

07/19/2010 12:10am

Hi Bianca! Thanks so much for the wonderful cake and cupcakes. I finally tasted them all. The chocolate cake tastes yummy as well as the choco-banana cupcake. Plus the stargazer and roses as toppers for the cupcake really made it look adorable. The packaging is really cute too! All the guests loved it so most of them brought home one. At first, I couldn't even eat mine coz the cupcake looks so pretty, I didn't want to destroy it!

My decision of ordering from you was a really a great choice, you were very accommodating and you were able to deliver even ahead of time. Thank you again Bianca and I'm surely gonna order from you again. God Bless! =)

07/21/2010 9:52pm

hi there! can you make a design a cake for my daughters 1st bday. im planning to give her a faiy themed party this coming august 29.

07/26/2010 1:07pm

Dear Ms. Lorraine,

Thank you for your message and for the great feedback. I'm glad that you and your guests loved the designs and the taste of the cake and cupcakes.

God bless :)

Best regards,

07/26/2010 1:11pm

Dear Mr. Ken,

Thank you for visiting my website and for your interest in my products. I've already replied to your inquiry through email. I also sent a sample image for your reference. Thank you.

Best regards,

08/13/2010 3:06pm

gud day, i just browse your site your products looks good and yummy, may i know the minimum order of cupcakes and how much would it cost? i am looking for my wedding souvenir this coming sept 1, and may i know also your location. im from manila. Thanks in advance :)

Camille A.
09/03/2010 1:51am

Hi ms Bianca!

My sister loved the siopao cake! even our relatives were surprised on how good it was made! Thanks so much! Till our next order :)


03/03/2011 3:45pm

Nice pictures!

03/23/2011 6:56pm

Love this site.
Your cupcakes look divine.

03/23/2011 7:36pm

woow I like your products:))Your site is
also very nice

I'm sad because there are no recipes for this beautifol things:)

03/24/2011 1:35am

very good, very nice....

just one complaint about this site..( with prior sorry...)
pages are too heavy...they take much time to download...
if possible...make them less-sized...so appear just after click...


03/24/2011 6:37am

I love the banana bread. I would love pumpkin bread too!

03/24/2011 6:47am

I wish I could make those yummy super-delicious treats. They sure look so good <3
Your site is so much better than mine, good luck ;)

Ish Yao
04/10/2011 1:20am

We super loved the Banana Walnut Cupcakes! We made the right choice! You're amazing! God bless!

05/25/2011 4:28am

Wow! I remember the first time I ever came on this! Its improved even more! I was just browsing through my old emails and came across one you sent me. I am starting a new website and business. Its called Natural Beauty (Not yet fully finished and website not yet published). If I do good in business this summer I am allowed to buy my own domain!!!! Yay! So, I was wondering, if and when my business goes out, could you possibly check the items(if you want buy) and website out? I am doing it with my friends. We sell all natural face washes and masks made from coconut oil and natural, organic food. Thank you again!(:
P.S. I am so probably gonna try your cupcakes! THEY LOOK SO DELICIOUS!!

Jacy A.
06/01/2011 11:05pm

Your nice and informative website convinced me to order a big cake for my daughter's 3rd birthday last Dec 2010. It was sooo nice and yummy (see Yana's cake, Little Einstein Theme). Looking forward to my next order :))


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